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Velodyne Signature 1812 / вес 175 кг.

Velodyne Signature 1812 / вес 175 кг. / Retail $22.000 $10.000

Velodyne Signature 1812 Сабвуфер.


Digital Drive 1812 Signature Edition
Specifications Digital Drive 1812
Amplifiers (Class D): 2500 watts RMS
6000 watts peak
Woofers: 18" forward firing (15.2" piston dia.)
12" forward firing (9.7" piston dia.)
Voice Coils: 3" Dual Tandem push-pull
Excursion: 1.75" max. peak-to-peak (each driver)
Magnet Structures: 690 oz. (57.5 lbs) total
Cones: Carbon-fiber laminate with ROCHACELL® center layer
Crossovers: High and Low pass, woofer-to-woofer, low pass digitally controlled and infinitely variable
Room Equalization: Yes, Digital Drive?
Sonic Presets: 6, digitally controlled, adjustable
Anti-Clipping: Yes, digitally controlled
Inputs/Outputs: Line, speaker, balanced input
RS-232 Interface: Yes
Frequency Response: 15-120 Hz, +/- 3dB
Subsonic Filter: Digitally controlled, infinitely variable
Phase: Digitally controlled, infinitely variable
Phase: Remote
Microphone: Remote
Auto On/Off: Yes, digitally controlled
Night Mode: Yes, max. output digitally controlled
High Gain Servo: Yes
Distortion: Less than 1%, all output levels
Weight: 385 lbs
Cabinet: 40" H x 25.5" W x 18.5" D








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