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AR Cello Amati - $6.500

Quantity – 2 Speakers ONLY (4 shown in photo, but only 2 included in listing)

Size – 27" x 20" x 10"

Weight – 85 lbs each speaker, 170 lbs total - plus packing

Color – Dark Stained Oak

Impedance – 4 Ohm (2 Minimum above 5 kHz)

Power Handling – Nearly unlimited power handling (distortion free)

Maximum SPL: about 115dB 1 pair, 121dB 2 pair, 127dB 4 pair (Additional performance when used with reference amplifiers capable of power levels above 2000W per channel)

Misc. – 90dB, 2.83V

Operational Condition – Excellent, Works and Tested to Original Cello Specifications.
Originally used with Mark Levinson/Cello Ltd Equipment

Description – The Amati speaker is a relatively compact full range speaker (27 x 20 x 10 inches) offering a number of advantages including natural tonal balance, wide dynamic range, extended response, good efficiency, high reliability, and modular stackable construction. One outstanding feature of the Amati system is exceptionally low listener fatigue. This is a result of very low distortion driver complements and crossovers developed exclusively for this product. No one monitor speaker is right for everyone. The Amati does provide punch, reliability, and dynamic range previously found in horn speakers, with a natural tonal quality and transparency going far beyond most monitor systems used in the field.

Stacks of two, three, or four Amati per side can be created for larger spaces and ultra-wide dynamic range applications. The Amati can be trusted even in the toughest professional recording and mastering environments. Amati field problems have been almost zero because quality has been maximized in every single design aspect. Careful examination of the Amati reveals no compromises in design or construction.

Four tweeters, four midranges, and one woofer are housed in a massively braced cabinet. Over 200 microfarads of pure polypropylene capacitors are used in each crossover board. The tweeter, midrange, and woofer crossover are separate for tri-wiring, but can be bussed together for 2-wire connection.

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