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Headphone Amp

  • Audio-Technica's 2003 flagship 250mW+250mW (16 Ohms) output headphone amplifier
  • Matching headphone amplifier with its ATH-L3000 Limited Edition Connolly Leather Headphones
  • No compromise - ultimate pursue for high pass phase and quality
  • Corresponds to super digital equipments such as SACD player and the alike accepting sampling frequencies of 32/44.1/48/88.2/96kHz.
  • All digital inputs coaxial digital x±, optical digital x
  • Digital ouputs coaxial digital x±, optical digital x
  • On board Digital EQ, Impedance control and Bass and Treble control
  • Brass and gold-plated hybrid insulator removes unwanted vibration
  • A solid, extremely well polish high class amp unmatched in its class
  • Brass and gold-plated volume knob
  • Type: Class A headphone amplifier
  • Load impedance: 16 Ohms- 600 Ohms (1 input) / 32 Ohms- 600 Ohms (2 inputs)


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