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JBL L-200 / Studio Master

Ссылка с информацией о JBL L-200 / Studio Master

Power capacity: 100 watts continuous program
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Dispersion: 120 horizontal, 40 vertical
Crossover frequency: 1200 Hz
Efficiency: 1 Watt input products 80 dB SPL at 15 feet
Finish: Hand rubbed Oiled Walnut
Enclosure: Tight, wood-welded, lock-mitered joints, internal bracing and acoustic padding eliminate undesirable resonance and warpage.
Grill: Crenelex pattern foam
Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 21 ¼"
Weight: 120 pounds each (unpacked)

Low frequency Driver: 15" Nominal diameter
Voice Coil: 4" edge-wound copper ribbon
Magnetic weight: 19 ½ pounds Alnico V
Flux density: 11,500 gauss
Total flux 265,000 Maxwells
Bi Factor (measurement of the speakers ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical force): 5 pounds per ampere
EIA sensitivity: 47 dB

High frequency compression driver: Cast aluminum exponential horn, dispersed with acoustic lens.
1" diameter Throat
Voice coil: 1 ¾ inch edge-wound aluminum ribbon
Magnetic weight: 11 pounds
Flux Density: 17,000 gauss
Total flux 80,000 Maxwells
Bi Factor: 2 pounds per ampere
EIA sensitivity: 61 dB

Dividing Network
Non-inductive Mylar dielectric capacitors individually tested to meet rigid production tolerances.
5 position switch allows balancing the intensity of the high frequency compression driver to listening room acoustics and personal preference.

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