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PIONEER model 2404 - $20.000

  • Сопротивление: 8 Ом
  • Частоты: 28Hz ~ 20,000Hz
  • Чувствительность: 95dB
  • Мощность: 200W - 500W
  • Громкость: 122dB(1m)
  • Размеры: 660(W)х797(H)х678(D)mm
  • Вес: 93 kg

   This Model is the professional Studio monitor speaker system, Based on long term accomplishments and data of model 2404, the latest TAD (Technical Audio Devices) systematized technique gained by the development of model 2251 and reached high efficiency which satisfies the needs of the new era. High power, stable sound image, excellent reaction, smooth and natural sound and strong durability, everything responds to the creator's sensitivitiness.
Speaker Components - TL-1601c low frequency loudspeaker, TD-4003 high frequency compression driver and TH-4003 high frequency horn


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