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PHASE LINEAR-7000 - $1.200

Phase Linear 7000 series two Microscan Cassette deck. 2 motor quartz lock direct drive, 3 head closed loop dual capstan deck.
Top left:
Switches: power, rev, for, stop, play, record,pause, rec mute, counter reset.
Lights: microscan indicator, bias, level, eq, metal, std, cro2, fecr, dolby, memory, battery, left and right LED meter.
Switches under panel: mpx filter, dolby nr, monitor, timer, start, play, rec, off, meter, peak, peak hold, avg, dimmer, memory, stop, play, counter, end, off, bias level eq, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, microscan, memory
Jacks: Left mic, right mic, Headphones.
Knobs: pitch control, tape select, lt and rt output, lt and rt line, lt and rt mic and bias adjust.

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