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New product SUT-02 are new development of our company and a Step up transformer for low impedance MC
cartridges. Although it is on sale in a Step up transformer called SUT-01 and popularity has already been
acquired at our company, it is a Step up transformer of the establishment meter which succeeded the
technology of the SUT-01, and was miniaturized more, and also raised the shield effect, vibration proof
performance, etc. Usually, although the Step up transformer for stereo 2ch. is manufactured in one case, it is the greatest
feature for SUT-02 to have separated two transformers completely, and to have enclosed and made each the
firm case. The case which began to delete the block of the aluminum alloy like understanding, and became
brave is manufactured with a lower right photograph, a transformer unit is enclosed there, and it is
wiring by the shortest distance. We are filled up with the high insulating epoxy resin with big intensity
of the type heated and stiffened in this case. Beautifully, a transformer case gives champagne gold color
alumite finish strong also against a secular change, and is considering it as high-definition finish.
It becomes possible to pick up without not influencing a transformer unit almost by vibration, but being in
the state where it was released from the influence of a detailed vibration, and also leaving the very
small signal of MC cartridge by this. The transformer unit of SUT-02 succeeds the core and winding technology which were acquired by SUT-01,
adopts the super permalloy core of the same 100-micron thickness, and is wounding it using the
insulating paper of Teflon. It has changed, as conventional SUT-01 changed the section which had adopted
the core with big outer diameter form, enlarged a cross-section area more, made an outer diameter small
and a magnetic passage shortened in it. It also enabled it for an outer diameter to become small and to
include in the inside of amplifier by this. Moreover, the winding of a transformer does not take out a
tap but input and output are suppressing degradation of the SN ratio by an idle terminal etc. as one
terminal. A Step up transformer is a section handling the smallest signal in the field of an audio.
Although various setting bases etc. are manufactured at our company, in order to lose the influence
of vibration to each, it keenly realizes that it is most important that the intensity about which the product
itself became brave is high. Therefore, the case which became brave so that it might hardly be influenced by
vibration was adopted as SUT-02. Since the screw of M2.6 is turned off to four corners in the bottom side of this
case, it is also possible to stop and use the base of liking etc. for this section in person. Moreover, also when incorporating in amplifier, it can fix using this screw hole. Moreover, as for the impedance
of the cartridge which suits SUT-02, 1-5ohm, and its amplification factor are designed 20 times. Since the output level
of the low impedance type MC cartridge is large recently, a little we have set up the Step up ratio lowness.
This becomes comparatively easy to use the volume level of a preamplifier. The method of wiring of SUT-02 Please perform the connection method of SUT-02 as follows. From a grounding terminal wires right and left
separately, two ground wires are required. The ground wire by which it is coming from the player may
not be as so as the case where to connect with the grounding terminal of a transformer case is better.
Please choose the better one by the system used. SUT-02 Specifications Form: The Step up transformer for low impedance MC cartridges Step-up ratio: 1:20 Conformity impedance: 1-5ohms Frequency characteristic: 10 to 100,000 Hz The material currently used: A 100-micron thickness super permalloy troidal core and Teflon
insulating-paper adoption, It is aluminum alloy shaving and a case is filled up with an epoxy resin,
An input-and-output pin jack adopts the high reliance type of Teflon insulation chromium copper of our original. Outside dimension: 60(W) x80(D) x64(H) mm (only a case is 60x60x64mm)
Weight : 580g/one piece

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