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SL-1200 Gold Limited Editions - $1.500

Each unit will have a plaque mounted on the deck which reads "Limited Edition, Product Certificate No._____________". This way, you'll know exactly which one (or two) you own. You'll revel in the 24 karat gold-plated tone arm and swivel mechanism, not to mention the stunning gold accents that adorn this world-class turntable.
Quartz synthesizer direct drive turntable
High grade gold finish
Highly accurate computerized pitch adjustment up to 16%
Very high torque motor for quick start-ups (only 0.07 seconds stop to speed)
Custom brake speed control
Stylus kick cancel
Exchangeable pitch slider
Super cool blue LED pop-up work light
Built-in anti-skate adjustment up to 6g
Arm-end scale for quick weight setting
Molded aluminum diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material help absorb unwanted vibrations
Professional Technics slipmat
Highly sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbaled suspension
Includes hinge for dust cover and dust cover.
Size: 17-13/16"w x 6-3/8"h x 13-7/8"h.
Computer controlled high precision pitch controller
Horizontal weight adjusted for anti-skipping
Non "click" pitch fader
Switchable pitch range to 8 or 16%
User replaceable pitch fader
Illuminated pitch indicator
Pitch reset button
Recessed power switch
Long life blue LED cue lamp
Increased anti-skate adjustment
High quality audio cables and connectors
Gold plated


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